Why Camping?

Welcome to the home of The Yorkshire Bushman; camping pods, camping accessories, advice and information. All based in the heart of beautiful North Yorkshire…..God’s own camping county!

Why Camping?

Camping is fantastic! Yes, it can be cold and wet and is probably best done in a camper van, but any camping is ace!

Camping forces you to stop, slow down, relax, breathe, let go of everyday stresses and just be. It’s good for the soul!
Put away the devices, preferably go somewhere with no signal, don’t even look at a watch! Get back to living a more simple lifestyle. No materialism, few stresses (apart from putting a tent up and grappling with camping equipment!), sunshine (if you are lucky!) and simple pleasures; food, wine and good company. Not to mention the joy and health benefits of fresh air and the great outdoors!

When your focus shifts to the basics; keeping fed, watered (or wined) and warm, it’s amazing how the modern stresses of life can just melt away and you can just be. Having said that we camp with a fully functioning cocktail bar….so not that basic!

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Esta our XL Pod

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Welcome to our Trailer mounted Glamping Sleeping Pods

Handmade wooden trailer mounted glamping sleeping pods are available to Pre-order ONLY and are made to order. You can choose your own colour scheme if required. Pay a £1500 deposit to secure your position in our production queue.

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